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The interplay of functionality, femininity and tactile surfaces is the inspiration of the new Spring / Summer collection at ISCHIKO.


Inspired by the Zen serenity of Korean temple cook Jeong Kwan, soft forms celebrate the art of imperfection and the beauty of chance.

Radically simple style elements recombine everyday garments: modernity and playfulness combined with deliberation. A clarity and relaxed movement inspired by the simple cuts of the traditional garments of the temple cook determine the silhouettes of the season.

The hand-stitched patches she uses to repair her clothes gave inspiration to the delicate look seen in this season.


Inspired by the lush vegetable garden and with surprising colour effects - Kimchi, Turmeric, Sencha and Beetroot - the colour palette is all about delicacies.

Subtle shades like Cloud or Ash Grey, as well as the Jade-Green tone of the temple roof reflects Jeong Kwan's everyday poetry.


To capture a sense of informality, we developed an exclusive dyeing process called the "zero effect". This random colour effect gives a new and edgy aspect to the classic ISCHIKO cotton jersey.

The stamped "kimchi print" on a summery lyocell-linen blend and a richly falling cotton-linen yarn illustrate the soft, feminine approach. ... It is a spontaneous world which we dive into with the new ISCHIKO collection, a sense for tradition - yet quietly subversive.

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